Amazon sellers hire a virtual rating of 15 euros each

Beijing time on December 25 morning news, according tomedia reports, when shopping online, many people rely on customer evaluation to understand the effectiveness and performance of the product. However, many sellers influence consumers by buying false reviews.

Amazon sellers hire a virtual rating of 15 euros each

According to the Daily Mail, some sellers on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon buy false reviews for about 1,200 rupees (15 euros) each. “Rogue marketing companies sell passionate reviews for 13 euros a time,” the report said, adding that the companies charge 15 euros per review, but are discounted when they are packaged and purchased. An employee of a German-based evaluation company called AMZ Tigers told the Daily Mail that the reviews could be tailored to different platforms and could be changed according to the requirements of the e-commerce platform.

How does false evaluation work?

These evaluation companies have a large water force, can be published on the e-commerce platform four-star and five-star evaluations. These water forces must buy products in order to get a “verified buyer” label on their accounts, and the evaluation company reimburses them for the cost of acquiring the product and pays a small fee in return for the evaluation. “We help you get verified reviews from real people,” says AMZTigers’ website. The review company also said it was rarely used because of the suspicion that the five-star rating was prone to suspicion. AMZ Tiger charges 394,620 rupees or 5,000 euros for 500 five-star reviews.

While Amazon has been cracking down on fake reviews and removing some of them, fake reviews will not stop as long as Amazon does n’ ups and down the ranking practices. “As long as Amazon ranks products, the business will exist, and the problem will always be there.” Amazon needs to do more,” says David Li, a technology industry expert. At the same time, Amazon is struggling with counterfeit products that have even led shoe giant Nike to cancel deals with the platform. Nike is currently pulling its products from the home appliance platform. (Wind)

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