Mysterious Titan ‘Tiger Tattoo’ Crack: Unlike other planets in the solar system

Researchers have recently designed a computational model to investigate the mysterious “tiger pattern” on Titan’s surface, which is linked to the physical effects of the surface. When the Cassini probe first observed Saturn’s system, it found that the tiger-print structure on Titan’s surface was different from the rest of the solar system. These tiger-print fissures are in parallel to each other, extending about 130 kilometers, and are about 35 kilometers away from the first “tiger-print” (which scientists call the “Baghdad” fissures), and it is interesting to note that the tiger-print fissures continue to erupt with water ice, which has not been detected by other frozen planets or satellites in the solar system.

Mysterious Titan 'Tiger Tattoo' Crack: Unlike other planets in the solar system


The team is particularly interested in why these stripes are concentrated only in Titan’s South Pole, and why are they so evenly distributed?

The latest study found that Titan’s south pole first formed a “Baghdad” fissure, spraying water ice material and then gradually depositing in the edge region, forming other 35 km apart tiger-print fissures, due to Titan’s eccentric orbit, the satellite appeared internal heating, as the distance between Titan and Saturn constantly changed, resulting in the satellite will not be completely frozen, So it has a slight deformation.

According to the computational model, Saturn’s gravitational pull causes cracks in the poles of Titan, where the ice sheet is located in the thinnest region, and as the water expands as it freezes, the pressure at the bottom of the ocean increases as the ice thickens from below, causing cracks in the surface of the ice.

Because the Antarctic ice is thin, the most prone to cracks, when the water ice from the cracks after spewing did not cause the cracks to freeze, cracks continue to open, underground marine water gushing out, ice material fell back to the surface after freezing again, promote the cracks on both sides of the parallel structural cracks, due to ice material spraying and landing again, resulting in bending of the ice surface, Parallel crack structures are gradually formed.

The surface tiger structure is only formed in Titan, because of the existence of these cracks, it will be convenient for the deep sea of Titan to carry out sampling research, astronomers are interested in Titan’s underground ocean break, master ingestion of The formation and operation of Titan is very important.

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