iPhone XR becomes world’s best-selling smartphone in Q3 2019

The iPhone XR became the world’s best-selling smartphone in the third quarter of 2019, taking a 3% market share, Counterpoint Research said Tuesday. The iPhone XR also accounts for more than a quarter of Apple’s own iPhone models. In markets such as China and India, Apple’s pricing strategy has helped.

iPhone XR becomes world's best-selling smartphone in Q3 2019

(Pictured: Apple, via Livemint)

According to Counterpoint’s Market Pulse report, the iPhone XR has been firmly on the “world’s best-selling model every quarter” except for the season that launched in September 2018.

“Apple has also adjusted the pricing of iPhone XRs in markets such as China and India to help maintain strong quarterly demand,” said varun Mishra, a research analyst.

The iPhone 11, which debuted this fall, also made the top 10. Samsung, Apple’s longtime rival, has three seats in the top 10, but they all belong to the Galaxy A-Series.

iPhone XR becomes world's best-selling smartphone in Q3 2019

(Pictured: Counterpoint)

Samsung has stopped selling the J-Series, so the price of the A-Series has been reduced. With a very high price/performance ratio, we are not surprised by the latter’s market performance. Unfortunately, the company’s flagship model is not in the top 10.

At the same time, the performance of China’s smart machine manufacturers is still in tatritable. For example, opPO accounts for three seats (A9, A5 and A5s) thanks to the good performance of the A-Series smartphones in China and elsewhere.

The Red Rice 7A’s performance in the Indian market was impressive, with the local contribution to more than half of total quarterly sales. Overall, total sales contributions from the top 10 models increased by 9% year-on-year, accounting for 17% of the total (compared with 15% in the same period last year).

In terms of revenue, the top 10 models were down 30% year-on-year, while overall profits for the global mobile phone industry were down 11% year-on-year. The good news is that with the popularity of 5G, midrange equipment is expected to continue to grow.

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