20 years of effort to finally catch up with AMD Loongson’s 2019 shipments have reached 500,000

After 20 years of effort, the next generation of Loongson processors has finally caught up with the 28nm AMD “dozer” performance. Many people wonder how much Loongson has sold. At the Loongson 3A4000/3B4000 launch on the 24th, Loongson Science and Technology Chairman Hu Weiwu said in a speech that with the continuous pull of the relevant market demand, Loongson’s partners have increased to nearly a thousand, downstream Loongson-based developers reached tens of thousands, Loson in government, security, finance, energy, transportation, education and other applications have a wide range of applications.


At yesterday’s launch, key partners at Loongson unveiled dozens of the latest products based on the Loongson platform.

Including Lenovo, China Science And Technology Sugon, Wave Information, Tongfang, Beyond CNC, Fangzheng, Haier, Baode, Huasheng Information, Ascending Information, Anheng Information, China Net Anwespasson, Fisherman’s Information, China Launch Vehicle Technology Research Institute, Northern Institute of Automatic Control Technology, Beijing Institute of Computing Technology and Applications, Partners including Xi’an Microelectronics Research Institute, Beijing Institute of Computer and Electronic Application Technology, Jiangsu Automation Research Institute and East China Computing Technology Research Institute have released loongson-based desktop computers, notebooks, 3B40000-based desktop computers, notebooks, all-in-one machines, servers, cloud terminals, network security equipment, industrial control computers and other products.

In addition, hundreds of Loongson partners showcase disfigured hundreds of Loongson chip-based solutions and provide experiences in the interactive experience area.

According to Hu Weiwu, the 3A4000 universal processing performance and AMD 28nm process final product “excavator” processor. On this basis, Loongson will launch the quad-core 3A5000 and 16-core 3C5000 using the 12nm process next year. Its main frequency will be increased to 2.5GHz above, the general processing performance will reach the level of AMD at that time, marking the Loongson after 20 years of efforts, universal processing performance to reach the world’s advanced level of product-level.

Hu Weiwu at the end of the speech stressed that take the “market for technology” road, through the introduction of technology to develop independent CPU products, but only one pair of chains for another chain. There is nothing harder and more meaningful than doing Loongson for the people and building an independent and innovative information industry system for the country and the nation.

20 years of effort to finally catch up with AMD Loongson's 2019 shipments have reached 500,000

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