Engineers transform Roomba into sky-sweeping robot

When it comes to sweeping robots, many people think of the Roomba range from iRobot for the first time. Recently, however, an engineer named Peter Sripol has given it a whole new skill — flying like a four-axis drone! This strange experiment requires the addition of extra fan leaves, motors, and battery capacity to Roomba. But judging by the video that Peter Sripol uploaded to YouTube, the results have been quite successful.

Engineers transform Roomba into sky-sweeping robot

(Photo: Peter Sripol / YouTube, via BGR)

It should be noted that the modified Roomba robot does not automatically vacuum during the flight, and the user still needs to perform the specific operation via the remote control

Parts for manufacturing equipment cost around $200, but while controlling flight, the fan can roll up dust everywhere. In view of the easily disruptive play indoors, please do not easily imitate.

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