Musk loves the binary, too? Next year you’ll be able to brush B station at Tesla Video

The young people’s cultural community will enter the new entertainment content platform of private cars. Following YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, Tesla’s new in-car infotainment hub, The Tesla Theater, will feature a B-station app.

Musk loves the binary, too? Next year you'll be able to brush B station at Tesla Video

From the first quarter of 2020, the B-station video streaming service will be available to all Tesla models worldwide, including the upcoming CyberTruck model, Reuters reported.

When drivers and passengers rest, they can enjoy the entertainment and leisure services offered by Tesla’s on-board system, such as when they wait for the vehicle to charge at the Tesla Super Charging Station, and when the car is parked and connected to WiFi, users can watch the B station at Tesla.

“Tesla introduced The B station into the in-car entertainment ecosystem, on the one hand, because of the high user voice, B station as China’s leading young people’s cultural community, has a broad user base and unique product attributes. Musk, on the other hand, loves secondary culture, and we have a lot of engineers who are Also B-station users, both of which have strong resonance sympathies in cultural genes and user attributes. Wang Wenjia, Tesla’s director of product engineering, said.

“In-car space creates more and more opportunities for the entertainment industry. Tesla CEO Elon Musk values the construction of in-vehicle infotainment systems, and he wants to provide the ultimate fun entertainment experience for in-car users,” said Wang Wei, vice president of the B Station Technology Center. “

At present, B station has 15 content partitions such as life, science and technology, entertainment, covering more than 7000 cultural circles. UP’s main lying PUGV (Professional User Generated Video, Professional User Generated Video) content and the OGV (Professional Production Content) produced or purchased by Station B. Covering animation, comics, film and television, variety, documentaries and other categories, are an important part of the B station content ecology.

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