Rough cottage: “The Legend of Zelda: The Rest of the Wilderness” surprises Microsoft Mall

If “The Legend of Zelda: The Wild” is a sign on to the Microsoft Mall, it must be a big boon for PC players, but it’s clearly a dream. However, Microsoft Mall has really recently put on the shelf of a “Zelda legend of the wilderness” of the cottage game, directly used the old name as a cover, and even support mobile devices?!

However, a closer look will find that this is a sheep head selling dog meat bad scam, game screenshots show a rough-screen-making game, and “Zelda” has nothing to do with.

In addition to touching porcelain “Legend of Zelda”, the introduction of the game also added the “Tomb Raider”, “Quantum Break”, “The World of Heaven” and other keywords, the intention is very obvious – want to fool the game is not familiar with but admire the new players.

The game, released by Vidodoo0, landed on the Microsoft Marketplace on December 17 and starts at 17 pounds (155RMB) and is just 40M in size. At present, no one knows how such a slotted game through the Microsoft Marketplace audit on the shelves, Microsoft did not respond to this.

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