(Pictured) Firefox 73 New Edition: Introducing Global Zoom UI “List All Tabs” button is always visible

Following previous reports that the Site Specify Browser feature was added, in today’s Firefox 73 Nightly release update, the Mozilla team introduced a global scale UI in the settings and made the List All Tab button permanently visible.

Google Chrome already offers page zoom options in its skin settings, allowing users to set the required zoom level for all sites based on their usage habits, but this feature has been absent from Firefox. If the scale of your site is not the default, Firefox now displays a zoom indicator in the address bar.

Now, like Chrome, users can change the page zoom level in the Firefox browser by visiting the Burger Menu. There is also a “Scale Text Only” feature selected in your preferences.

And in the latest version, the List All Tabs button/drop-down arrow can always be visible and not obscured by too many tabs. Enabled via Flag

1. Visit the o: config

2. Search for “manager” and change the following tab manager preference value to true



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