“The Legend of the Still and the Ten Commandments” is suspected to be exposed or to fight for the Magic Ten Commands

According tomedia reports, Marvel’s new film project, Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, is already preparing for filming, but so far, All of us are the film’s main stars Liu Simu (played by Shang Qi) and Liang Chaowei (played by the full adult), Okafina (played by the adult niece), but no more information about the film.

But just a few days ago, someone seems to have discovered the film’s rough plot, but has now been deleted. The general content is as follows:

Hundreds of years ago, an alien spacecraft landed in China. The ship is powered by ten rings, all of which have different uses. However, the rings were looted by a secret group called Avatars, led by a clever martial artist, Ancestro. Ancestro put on these rings and used them to become a combat expert.

While everyone else thinks it’s a myth, the adults grew up listening to The Ancestor’s story and were fascinated by it. He began to regard Ancestor as an icon and devoted his life to finding the rings. And that led him to set up his own gang, the Ten Commandments. Basically, the gang’s goal is to find rings all over the world. Later, he adopted his niece, Fah Lo Suee, and taught her martial arts.

After years of investigation, he found that the legend of the Ten Commandments was true, and that the Ancestor was dying. It was previously reported that Shang Qi was a film that seemed to be true. When Ancestro dies, Avatars will hold a secret kung fu competition where the winner will receive a ring. However, the adults were too old to compete, and he did not want to risk Fah Lo Suee’s life. At this time, it reflects the usefulness of the spirit.

Still a street boy, he met adults after he started dating. The lord liked the shang and began to train him as his apprentice. His first task was to kill Trevor, who pretended to be a big man. People guess they’ll be related by blood.

When the game starts, the adults will send to win the ring. That will be the basic point of the film. Defeating Fin Fang Foom will be an obstacle. Leiko Wu and Clive Reston will play the agents of the Duned Agency investigating “Ten Commandments” in the film. It is clear that Shang qi will eventually be sentenced to full adults and become a hero. He will be able to replicate multiple parts. Because each part will have its own personality, so the film’s fight scene is bound to be very exciting.

Marvel will also enable Shang’s enemies in this competition, one of which will be a character named Chao.

Since none of these content has been officially confirmed by Marvel, it is only a reference for fans.

“Still Gas” is scheduled for release on February 12, 2021.

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