Intel Decommissioned Cannon Lake Processor NUC: First 10nm of that era

Intel’s 10nm has been delayed from 2016 to mass production in 2019, and the desktop model will have to wait until next year. In fact, it’s Cannon Lake that’s taking on the 10nm debut, but it’s not just in the official Ark database, it’s just a Core i3-8121U.

The Core i3-8121U is used almost exclusively on Intel’s NUC mini-machine, with a fairly general specification, dual-core four-thread, frequency 2.2/3.2GHz, 15W power consumption, and no integrated core display.

I didn’t expect Intel to retire the NUC in the last year.

Intel退役Cannon Lake处理器NUC:当年的第一颗10nm

Crimson Canyon, the NUC code named Crimson Canyon, which uses the Cannon Lake processor, was discontinued on October 28th, received on December 27th and stopped shipping on February 28th next year.

In addition, the NUC kits under Pinnacle Canyon and Rock Canyon, which have been in service for five years, will also be retired at the same time.

Intel退役Cannon Lake处理器NUC:当年的第一颗10nm

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