Car Big V Tests Tesla Smart Call Feature: Cool but Lackof in Practicality

On December 24th, Bobo Car V@ Uncle Tate released a video of a test video of Tesla’s Modle 3 Smart Call feature in China. Smart Call is a feature that controls where a vehicle is moving to your person ‘s location (destination with your phone’s GPS signal), or where you specify, and can avoid obstacles and parking according to the actual conditions of the road.

Despite the good looks, there was an unexpected situation in the actual test.

Car Big V Tests Tesla Smart Call Feature: Cool but Lackof in Practicality

The test Tesla parked in an open-air parking lot, Uncle Tate manually chose another parking space farther away from it, Tesla did the normal start-up, reverse out of the warehouse, car-in-session, courtesy pedestrians and so on.

In doing so, Tesla has also been able to independently search for and adjust reasonable routes to its destination.

Tesla’s performance would have been perfect if the test had ended, but at a fork in the road, Tesla misidentified it and walked down another path, causing it to reach the “smart call” distance limit, helpless and forced to intervene to get it back on the right path.

Then Uncle Tate tested it again on public roads and underground car parks, where the smart summoning function was not performed directly, and the latter was unable to run it because the underground was inaccurate.

Overall, Tesla has done very well, but the lack of a high-precision map makes the “smart call” feature too far away from practical, and it’s recommended that Tesla owners use it only at close range to keep the car safe.

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