The 737MAX is still grounded and Boeing has come up with a trick to convince passengers to board.

Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft has been grounded around the world since two crashes. Boeing has to think about a serious question: Will passengers dare to ride once the 737MAX returns to the air? Boeing has worked hard to regain public trust.

The 737MAX is still grounded and Boeing has come up with a trick to convince passengers to board.

Boeing is still working on technical repairs to get the 737 MAX approved by regulation, the New York Times reported Thursday. Boeing, meanwhile, is conducting surveys of passengers around the world, and a new survey this month found that 40 percent of regular flights said they would not be willing to fly the 737 MAX.

Through a series of conference calls with airlines and a 40-page safety note, Boeing has developed a strategy for the airline to regain public trust and convince passengers that the 737MAX is safe. Specific practices include, if a passenger buys a flight of the aircraft, at the airport gate or even after boarding the aircraft does not want to fly, Boeing said the airline can offer to change the ticket service, flight attendants or pilots will communicate with the passenger, or give passengers a information card to explain why the 737MAX is safe.

“Every interaction with an anxious passenger, whether face-to-face or online, is an opportunity to show our concerns and concerns,” the safety note says. Studies have shown that emotional influences determine, so communication between people is more effective than rational appeals. “

With Boeing’s 737 MAX still grounded and regulators determining its suitability to return to the air, boeing faces a huge challenge to regain its reputation. Boeing recently replaced its chief executive and said it would temporarily close its 737MAX plant.

Since May, Boeing has conducted four surveys of thousands of passengers around the world and found only a slight improvement in skepticism about the 737 MAX. Only 52 percent of U.S. passengers surveyed said they would like to fly the aircraft.

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