CPU performance doubles easily, but why don’t AMD and Intel push consumer-grade dual-path processors?

How can I improve CPU performance? This issue is the top priority for AMD and Intel’s two X86 processor leaders, and the upgrade process, the architecture change, and the frequency of the lift are all ways to improve CPU performance. If there’s a way to double CPU performance in an instant, why won’t AMD and Intel take it out?

This technology is not mysterious, is a two-way CPU, simply is on a motherboard to support 2 CPU slots, while installing 2 sets of CPUs, that is 8 nuclear change 16 core, 32 nuclear change 64 core, 64 nuclear change 128 core, next year AMD launched 64 core Of the Reyon Threadper 3990X, Desktop 128 core 256 thread is also complete, Windows number box is so exciting.

So why doesn’t AMD and Intel do that? The incident has also sparked discussion on Reddit, where the post now has 29 discussions, and is already hot in the hardware section:

CPU performance doubles easily, but why don't AMD and Intel push consumer-grade dual-path processors?

It is also wrong to say that AMD and Intel do not do dual-way CPUs, in fact, they have two-way or even four-way CPUs in servers and workstations, AMD in the introduction of EPYC after the overall trend of single-way multi-core thinking, but dual-way is also supported.

These two companies just do dual-way CPU support in the consumer market, said more than a decade ago, asus, EVGA and other manufacturers have tried the consumer-grade dual-road CPU, but in the end it is not.

The reason for not going on is very simple, trouble and the profit is not big, the market is very small, do this is all lost money, but also can not get AMD/Intel support, to do on the server-level chipset.

Now, the two-way CPU play is actually there, one is to buy these motherboard manufacturers for the workstation dual-way motherboard, as long as willing to throw money, when the consumer-level platform is also OK.

There is also a kind of foreign garbage, there are many people are using the large cargo Xeon E5 processor group dual road, of course, these processors are X99 or even X58 era of junk CPU, but win in the cheap, less than 1K can group a set of cheap workstations, some applications or The United States.

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