Xiaomi TV 5 Pro Exposure: Support for HDR10 Plus, Picture Quality Comparable to Sony Samsung

Xiaomi has been scheduled to release a new TV series, Xiaomi TV 5, on November 5. Just before the launch, Xiaomi organized a Xiaomi TV 5 Pro experience. Recently, a digital blogger on Weibo exposed Xiaomi TV 5 Pro’s real machine pictures and experience details.

“I have experienced the Xiaomi TV 5 series in advance, Xiaomi TV (air conditioning) Department Li Xiaoshuang said Xiaomi TV 5 Pro’s picture quality can be comparable to Sony Samsung, through the actual perception, using quantum dot technology Xiaomi TV 5 Pro support HDR 10 plus high dynamic range image display, can make the picture clear and clear, the details are real rich, Have a better visual experience! ”

The live shot shows that the Xiaomi TV 5 Pro 65 inches continue the ultra-narrow frame, thin body and high-screen ratio design that has been the traditional Xiaomi TV.

小米电视5 Pro抢先曝光:支持HDR10+、画质媲美索尼三星小米电视5 Pro抢先曝光:支持HDR10+、画质媲美索尼三星小米电视5 Pro抢先曝光:支持HDR10+、画质媲美索尼三星

It is understood that Xiaomi TV 5 series will be equipped with 4K quantum dot screen, NTSC color gamut up to 108%, while equipped with MEMC dynamic picture compensation technology, so that the motion of the picture more smooth, the details of the movement more clearly.

Earlier, the official release of details shows that the Xiaomi TV 5 has a metal bezel, the side border also printed with “Designed By Xiaomi” in English, quite textured.

In terms of core configuration, the Xiaomi TV 5 is powered by a 12nm process T972 chip, developed by Xiaomi and Amlogic. With the quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture, the main frequency is up to 1.9GHz, which is 63% higher than the T962 performance of the previous generation of 1.5GHz. At the same time, the Amlogic T972 integrates about 1.5 billion transistors, about three times as many as in the previous generation.

Graphics, the GPU was upgraded from Mali 450 to Mali-G31, supporting the latest OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1 APIs.

The Amlogic T972 supports 8K (7680 x 4320) 10bit YUV4:2:0 high dynamic HDR format video decoding;

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