Christmas miracle: Endangered black rhinos usher in new life

Staff at porter Park Zoo in Michigan have a new reason to believe in the Christmas miracle — because a cute little black rhino cesis was born on Christmas Eve,media reported. Black rhinos are a critically endangered species and have been hunted by poachers for decades. It is estimated that there are only 5,000 black rhinos in the wild.

Christmas miracle: Endangered black rhinos usher in new life

Several zoos are working to increase the number of captive rhinos, and the as-yet-named calf was born in Michigan, meaning they are taking a small step in the right direction. According to the zoo , the baby rhino was born at 5:40 a.m. on Christmas Eve .

Since doppsee, a 12-year-old female black rhinoceros, had never given birth before, even now it was Christmas staff who were busy preparing for the production.

“As this is Doppsee’s first pregnancy, animal care and veterinary staff will continue to closely monitor Doppsee and her cubs in the coming weeks,” said Ronan, a veterinarian at Porter Park Zoo.

“So far, the baby rhino looks healthy, and it is encouraging that we have observed frequent breast milk shortly after birth,” Dr. Eustace said in a press release. “

The birth of the baby rhino is an important moment for the zoo and the protection of black rhinos as a whole. The zoo points out that fewer than two black rhinos are born each year, and that because the total number of black rhinos is so small, every newborn black rhino is critical to their survival.

“This is a memorable moment for Porter Park Zoo, and our staff has spent years planning and working hard,” Cynthia Wagner, director of Porter Park Zoo, said in a statement. We are committed to rhino protection and we are extremely excited about the successful birth of this black rhino. “

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