A glimpse of new features and improvements brought by Tesla’s 2019.40.50 software update

Whatever some people say about Tesla, the company is still very focused on pushing new iterations for users, not to mention its obsession with improving the overall user experience, according tomedia. To that end, Tesla launched a new software update a few days ago that brings a number of interface improvements and new features that should obviously excite all Tesla users.

A glimpse of new features and improvements brought by Tesla's 2019.40.50 software update

The 2019.40.50 update is understood to include some beautiful new features, visual improvements to drivers, enhanced voice commands and its self-proclaimed Camp Mode.

The first thing to talk about is the camping model. Camping mode, as the name suggests, is designed for those who need to spend the night in the car. “Now your car can keep air convection, maintain a certain temperature, turn on indoor lighting, and play music and power up when starting camping mode,” Tesla’s release notesays.

The software update also makes it easier for drivers to view text messages without looking at the road. “You can now use your right wheel button to read and reply to text messages,” Tesla says. “

The update also brings with it enhanced voice command son, which will allow the driver to adjust media controls, send text messages, adjust temperature, move side mirrors and even search nearby charging stations. The user can also open the glove box with voice commands. However, these enhanced voice commands should ultimately help keep drivers focused on the road, making driving safer.

As for the new driving visualization improvements, the software will now be able to display a large number of useful objects, including upcoming trash cans, traffic lights, stop signs, and road selection signs.

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