YOGA C740 official website arrival equipped with ten generations of Core to provide spray-painted inscriptions and other private custom services

Lenovo YOGA C740 is currently in hot sales, November 1 official website arrival, November 2 – November 10 JD will also open pre-sale, participating in the pre-sale of users on November 11 to complete the payment of the end of the payment can be. Lenovo’s next-generation flip-over laptop, the YOGA C740, features an all-metal body design, equipped with Intel’s latest 10-generation Core processor, equipped with a 14-inch FHD display with a resolution of 2K, 88% of the screen, the weight of the entire machine is 1.38kg, priced at 5999 yuan.

YOGA C740官网到货 搭载十代酷睿 提供喷绘刻字等私人订制服务

YOGA C740官网到货 搭载十代酷睿 提供喷绘刻字等私人订制服务

The BIGGEst highlight of the YOGAC740 is the addition of Intel’s latest 10th-generation Core processor, model 10-generation Core i5-10210U, and i7 version optional.

i5-10210U as Intel’s latest ten-generation Core processor, based on 14nm process, 4 core 8 threads, base frequency 1.6GHz, Turbo acceleration up to 4.2GHz, with 6MB tri-level cache, built-in Intel UHD Graphics core graphics card, up to 64GB DDR4-2666, TDP 15W.

YOGA C740官网到货 搭载十代酷睿 提供喷绘刻字等私人订制服务

The i5-10210U’s 4-core 8 thread sits easily to handle the multitasking needs of everyday learning, and single-core performance provides a better experience for users in gaming and entertainment. The TDP’s 15W is a low-power processor and is ideal for the YOGA C740, a lightweight flip laptop. According to official data, processor performance is 30% better than the previous generation.

In addition to being equipped with an Intel Tenth Generation Core processor, the YOGA C740 also features a 360-degree flip to support notebook mode, tent mode, tablet mode, stand-up mode, 10-point touch on the screen, providing a more convenient experience in user interaction, a 4096-level voltage-sensitive, high-precision stylus, and YOGA YOGA The C740 features a Dolby Panorama sound system, and the built-in 51wh 4-cell battery delivers 13 hours of extra-long battery life, fast charging and a 15-minute battery life of 2 hours.

YOGA C740官网到货 搭载十代酷睿 提供喷绘刻字等私人订制服务

Lenovo YOGA C740 as Lenovo’s latest light and light flip notebook, in addition to carrying ten generations of Core, 360-degree flip, ten-point touch, high-precision stylus and other highlights, the product also provides a private custom service: 199 yuan can enjoy A-face painting customization services, 99 yuan can enjoy C face-tome customization services.

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