Huawei Develops HMS: $1 Billion to Support Huawei Ecology

Google still does not have a GMS (Google Mobile service) for China’s mobile phones, which is a bit unaccustomed to overseas consumers who often use Google’s eco-services. But Huawei said in the Indian market recently that it was ready to replace Google’s apps. Huawei has its own HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) and is trying to build a mobile ecosystem, said Charles Peng, Huawei’s head of consumers in India, according tomedia.

Most key applications, such as navigation, payment, games, and messaging, will be ready to complete.

Huawei Develops HMS: $1 Billion to Support Huawei EcologyHuawei Develops HMS: $1 Billion to Support Huawei EcologyHuawei Develops HMS: $1 Billion to Support Huawei Ecology

Huawei is understood to have about 1 million HMS registered developers worldwide, a $1 billion global fund, and a reward of up to $17,000 for integrating applications with HMS in India.

It is worth mentioning that 45,000 APPs are currently using hmS Core.

‘Consumers won’t see any difference between GMS (Google Mobile Services) and HMS, and we’re focused on working with developers and delivering a good customer experience,’ Mr Peng said.

Huawei’s headquarters is in contact with Chinese developers, who sit in India and Europe.

In each country, we are committed to providing 100-150 top-level applications to our customers through HMS.

Huawei’s previously released Mate 30 series is a flagship model that does not have a pre-installed Google GMS service, and does not have pre-installed Gmail, Youtube, PlayStore and other overseas software commonly used.

Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer business chief, has previously said that if Google continues to ban GMS services from Huawei, it will consider using the self-developed HarmonyOS system, the first phone with the Harmony system, which could be released in March next year. It will also quickly move app developers from Google’s apps to Huawei’s HarmonyOS app.

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