“Santa Claus”? 65-year-old throws money in crowd after robbing bank

On Monday, a white-haired, white-bearded man threw money at a crowd outside a Colorado Springs bank and shouted “Merry Christmas,”media reported. The man’s name is David Wayne Oliver, but it seems unlikely that he will become a world-famous Santa Claus. In fact, this is not a charity event but a criminal event.

According to witnesses, Oliver entered the college bank in Colorado Springs and told the bank teller that he was armed. After that, he left with a bag of cash, but apparently he didn’t intend to leave it to himself. Witnesses said the man started shouting “Merry Christmas” after running out of the bank and throwing the money out of the bag. But instead of taking the money into their own hands, the people present returned it to the bank staff.

Interestingly, Oliver didn’t even try to escape after his strange behavior, he just walked down the street and sat down at a nearby Starbucks. According to one witness, he “sat down and waited for the police to come.”

The motive behind the strange crime is not yet known, but to be honest, Oliver’s look really looks like Santa Claus.

But the 65-year-old suspect faces charges including robbery and threatening to possess a weapon.

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