Jia Yueting’s effort did not in vain FF91 intelligent lighting system first exposed

Although Jia Yueting has declared bankruptcy and restructuring, the road to building the car in Faraday Future has not stopped. Its first flagship electric car, the FF91, is still being polished, and its product manager, Eric Turano, recently detailed the FF91’s user experience on the FF’s official website. According to Eric Turano, the FF91 uses an intelligent lighting system whose unique LED lighting array creates a dynamic lighting sequence that allows you to communicate with users.

When the FF 91 is charged, a blue pulse is issued to indicate the current charging level. When the user reserves a later charging time, the blue-green beam swings across the array in a metronome-style effect.

In addition, the FF91 creates a keyless entry system, which is seamless entry. When the user approaches the FF 91, the seamless entry system is lit in turn with a white ribbon and the door is automatically opened to welcome the user into.

贾跃亭心血没白费 FF91智能灯光系统首曝贾跃亭心血没白费 FF91智能灯光系统首曝

Not only that, but after users start using the FF 91 and start customizing the temperature, seat position, ambient light color, and entertainment preferences as the area, FF 91 will start building a custom profile for each user, known as FFID.

FFID continuously adapts to changing user behavior and automatically remembers user changes. FFID is not limited to not using your own FF 91: you can even log in to your FFID on any seat in any FF vehicle via facial recognition, seamlessly adapting your preferences to anywhere you go.

贾跃亭心血没白费 FF91智能灯光系统首曝

Eric Turano says Smart Lights, Seamless Entry and FFID are just three of the hundreds of core configurations provided by FF 91, and more user experience selling points will be announced on the eve of the release of FF 91.

According to the former FF global CEO Bi Fukang revealed that the FF 91 is positioned to create the FF brand image of a high-end model, it will sell for more than $200,000. It won’t be much, mainly to prove that we have the ability to deliver products to our users and that new cars will be delivered by September next year.

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