“The Witcher” Costume Designer Talk: Nifergaard Armor Design Controversy in the Play

Netflix’s “The Witcher” officially aired on Friday, and fans seemed largely in accepting the new fantasy. However, although everyone liked Henry. Carville plays Jelott and other aspects of the show’s first season, but many have criticized Netflix’s work on the show, such as some costume design work. More specifically, there are many audience members who have discussed the play’s Nefertitic armor, most of which are critical.

“The Witcher”

According to The Witcher costume designer Tim Aslam, designing armor for Neferts’ vast empire is the second biggest challenge after designing Jerlot’s armor. “I think the hardest thing to design is Jerlot’s costume, and fans have high expectations of Jerlot’s appearance because of the game of the same name,” Tim Aslam, a costume designer for The Witcher, told Turkish magazine. And there’s a particular image in the minds of those who have read a book about what Jelott should look like, and the challenge of making is to design a convincing set of armor for Jarlot. We designed the armor to give Jelot a tough and dangerous look, but also allowed Henry Cavill to move his body freely and perform complex movements. ”

Later, Tim Aslam talked about the armor design of the Nefertitic Soldiers, saying, “I think it’s second only to designing armor for the Nefergad Empire soldiers, who is a black armor with a sun pattern that makes it easy to make it into any medieval or Renaissance armor.” But I don’t think it’s enough to show the dark and terrible power of the Nefertitor’s army. ”

But if you’ve seen the series The Witcher, you’ll know that the work of Tim Aslam and the costume design team is incredible. While there may be some flaws, such as the armor of the Nefertitic Empire soldiers, there is generally nothing to complain about, and the designs are actually great.

The second season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” has been renewed and will be released on February 17, 2020.

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