Huawei Cloud Welink Release: Entering the Enterprise IM Market to Compete with Ali Tencent?

On the afternoon of December 26, Huawei Cloud today released WeLink, a smart work platform. Huawei Cloud WeLink is derived from Huawei’s digital transformation practice, providing two types of basic and value-added services, with three core advantages of intelligent, efficient, secure, and win-win openness, said Xue Hao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud and President of Connectand and Collaborative Business.

Huawei Cloud Welink Release: Entering the Enterprise IM Market to Compete with Ali Tencent?

According to reports, Huawei Cloud WeLink can help users at any time, anywhere, through a variety of terminal equipment (mobile phones, computers, Pads, whiteboards, etc.) to achieve collaborative work. Through aI work assistant, a word can be directly to find people, find mail, schedule travel, reimbursement of expenses and other hundreds of services. In addition, intelligent conference rooms meet a variety of terminal free to achieve a variety of screen casting methods, support messages, documents, mail and other content translated into seven languages. User accounts belong to the enterprise, information 100% in the enterprise.

Xue Hao also revealed that Huawei Cloud WeLink adheres to three basic principles in the cooperative ecology: first, to remain neutral, to abide by the boundaries, not to compete with partners for profit;

Following Alibaba’s nail-biting and Tencent’s WeChat, Huawei has also entered the market for corporate office platforms. In fact, Huawei Cloud WeLink stems from Huawei’s own digital office transformation practices. On January 1, 2017, WeLink 1.0 was launched on Huawei, providing conference, message, mail, pending approval, and knowledge sharing features. At present, WeLink has 195,000 huawei users worldwide, a daily survival rate of 99.8%, more than 12 million daily connections, 520,000 connected teams, and a 30% increase in the overall collaboration efficiency of Huawei employees worldwide.

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