Scientists develop new 3D printing technology: transparent OLED screens of any shape can be printed

A team of materials science and engineering at Yonsei University in South Korea has successfully developed a 3D printing technology that can print OLED screens into transparent structures of any shape, meaning that almost anything can be turned into a transparent color display. The results and papers are currently published in the journal Advanced Science.


This new technology takes the development and manufacture of complex screen shapes to the next level by using printed 3D support structures and 3D screen electronics. Current screen technologies typically require 3D structures and 2D screens to work together, and the scientific team can create screens of almost any shape without the need for additional annealing processes.


The method uses a digital optical processing (DLP) system to print a transparent plastic “frame” with which the screen is sitting between gaps and then moved to a five-axis current injection (E-JET) printer, which can build an OLED screen using the following layers:

A bottom transparent electrode containing a silver nanowire matrix

Pixel qualifiers made with photocured polyurethanes

A hole transfer layer using polystyrene sulfonate

Using 4,4’bis’ styryl biphenyl-doped 2-tert-butyl-9,10-di (naphtha 2-yl) anthracene, Simply put, the glow layer of SPW-111

Electronic transmission layer created by poly (9,9-bis (N,N,dimethylamino) propyl) – 2, 7-fluorene) – alt-2, 7-9-dioctylfluorene)

Similar to the bottom nanosilver, the top transparent electrode, also made of the silver nanowire matrix


They also developed an AR lens with printed transparent OLED lenses that respond to wireless control of smartphones: the researchers say they can improve production efficiency because the e-jet printer has only one print nozzle. They also believe that the new printable package may improve the life of these OLED screens due to their low permeability to water and oxygen.


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