The domestic version of Xbox Elite wireless controller 2 will go on sale on November 4 for 1,398 yuan

Today, Microsoft’s official blog announced that  Xbox Elite wireless controller 2 will be available on November 4 the same  with markets around the world, with a suggested retail price of 1,398 yuan. At that time, consumers will be able to purchase the  Xbox Elite wireless controller series 2 at Microsoft’s official mall, Microsoft’s flagship store, and Microsoft’s Tmall’s official flagship store and other online and offline channels.

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

The next-generation Xbox Elite wireless controller adds 30 new features to the previous generation, including a built-in battery with 40-hour battery life for the controller, 3 additional presetsettings, adjustable tension joystick, a new 3-segment high-angle trigger, durable non-slip handle, and Bluetooth and USB-C connectors.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has a high degree of freedom. The iconic 4 pluggable dials and two magnetic suction replaceable arrow keys enhance the player’s handling, while the increase to six replaceable rockers further satisfies the diverse needs of different players for handling comfort and flexibility.

The xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 adds Bluetooth capabilities and USB-C interfaces, plus an already Xbox wireless connection that gives players more options when connecting to xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs.

In addition, Microsoft China has recently launched a “Huanxin Gift Purchase Double 11” promotional campaign, which October 21-31 activities theme is “trade-in”, can be offset for the new Surface, and November 1-10 the theme is “Good Goods direct drop”, can let users buy new products at ultra-low prices November 11th is the culmination of the event, with users enjoying their shopping spree, and the 12th is a selection of accessories, as well as a return to the venue with offers.

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

Surface Pro 7-Purchase Address

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

The new Surface Pro 7, more powerful than the previous Surface Pro, features a 10th-generation Intel Core processor, long-lasting battery life, Instant On features, enhanced graphics performance, and support for extended connectivity ports. Monthly offer is only $339.83/month, with Surface All Access package to purchase the same 24-period interest-free installment

Surface Laptop 2 — Buy Address

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

Beautiful and lightweight, with increased speed and performance, it’s easy to pack in a bag, making every day more efficient. Ideal for amateur projects, with an 8th-generation Intel Core processor, the Surface Laptop 2 is a powerful feature that makes you feel the right hand. Up to 14.5 hours of battery life allows you to enjoy video and entertainment while you’re at work.

Surface Go — Purchase Address

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

Surface Go can be adjusted at any time for home, travel, and everyday tasks. The new 10-inch Surface Go weighs just 522g and fits easily into your bag. The new Surface Go is a trusty 9-hour battery life with a powerful Intel processor that makes it easy to run everyday software and applications.

Surface Book 2 — Buy Address

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

The Surface Book 2 features an 8th-generation Intel Core processor that makes it easy to run professional-grade software, apps, and computer games. Powerful NVIDIA GeForce GPU for a smooth, immersive experience. The PixelSense display brings you stunning, lifelike visual enjoyment from a different perspective. Up to 17 hours of battery life, it’s a significant improvement over the original Surface Book.

Microsoft Xbox One X Home Entertainment Playstation 1TB Extinction Black – Buy Ingaddress

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

The hot hit “APEX Hero”, the IP adaptation game “Jump Force”, the difficult hard core action game “Only Wolf: Shadow Two Degrees”, continue the classic “Ghost Bust 5” “All Over the Block 2”, the family’s happy “Kingdom Heart 3” “Disneyland Adventure” and other games let you play to the end.

Microsoft Xbox One X Home Entertainment Playstation 1TB TimeOut Special Edition – Purchase Address

[图]国行Xbox Elite无线控制器2将于11月4日上市 售价1398元

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