Hainan Province unveils new plan to launch tens of thousands of shared cars by 2025

Hainan Province, as a beautiful island in China, attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit this country every year because of its unique geographical location and climatic conditions. And a large number of tourists have also led to the local sharing of the automotive industry to develop vigorously, Weima, Toyota and GoFun travel, etc. have been in the local layout of travel services.

In order to better promote the development of green civilization and shared travel mode, on December 26, Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation and other departments jointly issued the “Hainan Province Shared Travel Pilot Implementation Program (2019-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Programme”).

According to the plan, the number of shared cars in Hainan will reach 6,000 by 2022 and 10,000 will be delivered by 2025. Driven by this policy, Hainan Province’s shared automotive layout and charging service system will be further developed and improved.

Hainan Province unveils new plan to launch tens of thousands of shared cars by 2025

Among them, the program clearly requires that by 2022, Hainan Province will be built infrastructure gradually improved, charging piles, parking lots and other layout and the construction of basic ally to meet the development needs of the shared travel system. The ratio of electric vehicles to public charging piles in the province is 8:1, and the number of rental and shared cars will reach 6,000.

By 2025, Hainan Province will have built a 6:1 supporting facility for electric vehicles and public charging piles, with 10,000 shared cars. In addition, the proportion of clean energy of the network car and shared car is 90% and 100% respectively. Moreover, taxi complexes, stops, waiting berths, shared car charging facilities and service outlets will be included in the follow-up urban infrastructure planning.

By greatly increasing the number of new energy-sharing vehicles on the market, we can effectively reduce the proportion of private car travel, more convenient for the province and foreign tourists to travel at the same time, but also more environmentally friendly.

It can also be seen from this, Hainan Province, as a major province of tourism, for environmental protection. Moreover, Hainan Province has previously issued relevant documents, determined to ban the sale of fuel models by 2030, becoming the first province in China to explicitly designate a ban on fuel vehicles.

Hainan Province unveils new plan to launch tens of thousands of shared cars by 2025

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