Galaxy S11 Series 3 Exposures: Start 6.2 Inch, Screen to body Ratio Rise

Whether it’s the S11 or the S20, the name is secondary to Samsung’s flagship, and the shape, configuration and price are of more concern to consumers. A few days ago, there are accessories manufacturers out of the Samsung S11 series of three tempered film, extremely narrow forehead width is impressive, the middle cutting part should be reserved for the phone handset, it seems that Samsung still does not intend to horse screen sound technology.

Galaxy S11 Series 3 Exposures: Start 6.2 Inch, Screen Ratio Rise

Current rumors suggest that the S11e’s screen size is around 6.2 inches, the S11 is expected to be 6.7 inches, and the S11 Plus (S11 Pro) is 6.9 inches, all three of which will be central punching screens.

In terms of configuration, the S11 series is expected to feature the SnapDragon865/Eynos 990 platform, with the S11/S11 Plus being a rear quad, supporting 5G networks, 120Hz refresh rate, and a battery capacity of up to 5000mAh.

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