Samsung will release the Galaxy S11 series on February 11

It comes after domestic sources said the first Galaxy Unpack event next year would take place on February 18. However, the latest reports from the Israeli media have moved forward by a week, on 11 February. The article also points out that the Galaxy S11 series launch will be held in San Francisco, USA, in line with the location of last year’s S10 launch. Given that the MWC 2020 conference will not open until February 24, Samsung’s pace is really ahead of schedule, and it seems that the preparation spree for the new machine is already very well prepared.

Media: Samsung will release the Galaxy S11 series on February 11

It was announced this week that the S11 series could be named after the S20 series, and that the second-generation Galaxy Fold is also expected to be in sync.

From the various renderings, the S11/S20 series has at least three, screen sizefrom 6.2, 6.7 to 6.9 in turn, the front is very low curvature of the central punch-hole screen. Up to four cameras on the back, arranged in the upper left corner.

Other aspects include  under-screen ultrasonic fingerprints, Snapdragon 865 chips, dual-mode 5G networks, 5000mAh large batteries, wired wireless dual flashing, and more.

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