Russia develops Multiclet S2 processor: can run Windows performance seconds Core i7

Developing its own processors is not just the goal of the United States, China, Japan, the European Union, South Korea and other countries, Russia is also developing its own processor, and in this regard often have a unique way of thinking. Russia’s Multiclet company recently announced that it is developing a Multiclet S2 universal processor that supports Windows and Linux systems, surpassing even Intel’s Core i7.

According to Russian media reports, the Multiclet S2 processor developed by Multiclet, unlike many CPUs today, has designed a different computing unit that can run integers and floating points at the same time, if it is 256 such units. As well as 2.5GHz frequency, then the total performance of up to 81.9 TFLOPS, very close to the current development of AI-accelerated Google TPU-3 generation processor 90TFLOPS performance.

While it sounds like an AI-accelerated chip, Multiclet says it’s still a universal processor and performs better than Intel’s Core i7 processor.

Russia develops Multiclet S2 processor: can run Windows performance seconds Core i7

According to their PPT, the Multiclet S2 processor also outperforms Intel’s Xeon Phi 7290 and Core i7-5960 processors – although the Core i7 is a Haswell E architecture released in 14 years, it’s also an 8-core 16 thread, 3.5GHz flagship processor.

Multiclet has been stressing that the Multiclet S2 processor is different from the current Von Neumann system chip, but the fate of the chip may not be very good, because what is on display is still on paper, and they expect to be produced using TSMC’s 16nm process. It’s officially released in 2021, but the processor’s completion is about 20%.

Not to mention the new generation of Multiclet S2, which announced the Multiclet S1 processor a few years ago, using a 28nm process and ambitiously entering the mine chip market, which is expected to go on sale in June 2018, and is now only about 70% complete. Multiclet said the Multiclet S1 will be released in the second half of 2020.

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