Intel 10nm? Tiger Lake-U Integrated Dual Graphics: Integrated 8-

Intel will launch a Tiger Lake processor next year based on the 10nm plus-plus process, integrating the new Willow Cove CPU architecture, the Xe GPU architecture, which will be Intel’s 12th generation GPU core, and applying the new Xe architecture for the first time. Intel’s future discrete graphics is the cornerstone, as seen from starters to top-of-the-line high-performance computing.

Recently, a special Tiger Lake-U, a low-power sequence for thin, was installed in the SiSoftware database, carrying up to a total of up to 104 EU cells and 832 SP stream processors (8 stream processors per cell).

Intel 10nm? Tiger Lake-U Integrated Dual Graphics: Integrated 8-

Interestingly, instead of all of these stream processors are integrated inside the processor, they are divided into two pieces, including eight cell-to-cell, 64 stream processors, and 96 cell-operated units and 768 stream processors managed by the Gen12 graphics controller.

Detection display system memory total 11GB, of which the built-in GPU with 7.8GB, the calculation of the built-in should be 8GB, the external is 4GB, a total of 12GB.

This relationship is somewhat similar to Intel’s previous Kaby Lake-G, which integrates its own core and external AMD Vega GPU, but this time it’s your own external stand-alone GPU, and the interconnection is likely to be EMIB bridge.

The benefits of this are naturally a reduction in processor limitations in terms of package, yield, power dissipation, and performance, which is conducive to cpu core operation at higher frequencies.

Intel 10nm? Tiger Lake-U Integrated Dual Graphics: Integrated 8-

Intel 10nm? Tiger Lake-U Integrated Dual Graphics: Integrated 8-

It’s worth noting that earlier today, it was announced that Intel’s first discrete graphics DG1 would have 96 computing units and 832 stream processors, just like the external GPUs here.

After all, such specifications stand out alone with little competitiveness, and processors integrated together, combined internal core display, can further enhance performance, simplify the overall design, reduce costs.

Intel has previously said that the current 11 generation nuclear display can reach the GTX 750 level, 12 generation can improve by about 23%, is expected to reach the GTX 750 Ti level or even close to the GTX 950. So-called discrete graphics cards such as the MX250 and MX350 can finally be stopped.

In addition, the Tiger Lake-U processor itself did not detect any useful information, presumably it should be a 4 core 8 thread, thermal design power consumption of 28W.

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