Rivian showcases Tank Turn car skills: future landings on R1T and R1S

According tomedia reports, Rivian is working to bring its R1T pickup and R1S SUVs to market. The electric cars built by Rivian can provide things like longer ranges. Now, a new Rivian video shows the company’s pickup stake as already in the production phase. You can see the four-motor pickup truck in the video that enables the Tank Turn (tank turn), which rotates 360 degrees in place.

Rivian showcases Tank Turn car skills: future landings on R1T and R1S

This means that the Rivian vehicle can complete a full 180-degree turn in a space no longer than the length of the vehicle.

Rivian wants people to explore the world with its electric cars. While Rivian has not yet started producing its electric cars, it is expected to begin in the next few years. So far, the company has received huge investments from Ford and others, with a further $1.3 billion in the latest round of financing.

GM and many others that support the electric car maker want to redefine the electric car market. In addition, Rivian has received a large number of orders for electric delivery vehicles from Amazon, which is expected to deliver 100,000 vehicles in the next few years. Amazon plans to use these vehicles in its courier service so that the delivery of packages does not produce exhaust gases.

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