E-bikes and scooters pose serious safety risks, study finds

You may not have noticed that public transport is now undergoing a revolution, according tomedia. While apps such as Uber and Lyft make on-demand rides a reality, sidewalks in many cities around the world are now crammed with other personal means of travel, such as electric bikes and scooters. They’re very convenient, but are they really safe? A new study suggests that these new transportation options pose some serious security risks.

E-bikes and scooters pose serious safety risks, study finds

The forthcoming article in Injury Prevention looked at the damage rates of e-bikes and scooters over the 17 years from 2000 to 2017. The data show that injuries caused by these types of vehicles are very common, and that injuries associated with small scooters and e-bikes are probably the most interesting areas of the study.

It is understood that people who are injured while riding an electric bike are more likely to have internal injuries. These types of injuries can be severe, and the proportion of people injured on an electric bike is more likely to be hospitalized than those riding a scooter. In addition, accidents on e-bikes are more likely to involve pedestrians, suggesting that since e-bikes tend to travel at higher speeds, they are at greater risk of colliding with moving objects (and people).

But that doesn’t mean electric scooters are safe. In fact, the data show that people who get injured on an electric scooter are more likely to suffer concussions as a result. In recent years, as more and more information has grown about the potential long-term effects of head trauma, the understanding of concussions has deepened. Most importantly, accidents on electric scooters are also more likely to lead to fractures.

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