This “The Simpsons” box lets you randomly play an episode through HDMI

During this year’s holiday season, a DIY gift from The Simpsons, known as The Dud, came to the fore, according tomedia. This is something a big product company may never have imagined, because it’s too simple, or it’s not a part of making a permanent profit. But it’s probably the funniest gift for the Simpsons fan base.

The work, based on a Raspberry Pi, is said to have a yellow box – very much in line with the tone of The Simpsons, with a BLUETOOTH-controlled USB socket on it. Users can charge with a USB and use an HDMI cable to transfer the video to the screen of their choice — such as a large TV set at home.

Twitter user @yellowcartigan said it was a gift and the perfect of all. The gift allows people to choose from one episode of The Simpsons’ “classic season” or to shuffle an episode at random. The surprise was packed in this yellow box.

It is likely that this project will be presented to the public in the future through creators — or third parties — because that’s what developers do. As demand increases, so does open source solutions.

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