Gree files new folding screen mobile phone patent, really want to continue to do mobile phones?

November 1 news, Tianeye data show that on October 29, Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd. added a folding screen mobile phone patent, patent abstract includes: 1. The name of this design product: folding screen mobile phone. 2. The purpose of this design product: This design product is used for voice and data communication equipment, etc. 3. The design point of this design product: in the shape. 4. The best picture or photo to show the main points of the design: stereoscopic diagram, the legal status of the patent and legal status information are: authorized.



According to 21st Century Economic Report, on the evening of October 30, Gree Electric announced its third-quarter report, and also disclosed a “amendment to the articles of association.” In the proposed amendment of Gree Electric’s articles of association, the scope of business was removed from the “operating telecommunications business and value-added telecommunications business.”

However, the data from the Sky-Eye survey show that from zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd.’s industrial and commercial scope of business, there has been no change, the scope of industrial and commercial business still includes “operating telecommunications business and value-added telecommunications business.”

On November 1st, according to the Daily Economic News, Gree electric sources denied speculation that “there is no mobile phone” and said it would explain it at the November 18 shareholders’ meeting.

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