Us mother lessons son with one punch and dislocated her chin

Now most children hand a smart mobile phone, easy to control the crazy play, then quite test the patience of parents, but punish children should take a good balance. A Mother in the United States asked her 10-year-old son to take a bath, but her son forgot about it because he was addicted to hand-swimming and whispered to her mother, Taiwan’s Yonhap News Reported. The mother was also arrested by police after his mother punched her son in a dislocated jaw.

儿子沉迷游戏忘洗澡 美国母亲一拳将其下巴揍脱臼

The mother, named Ann Perugia, reportedly asked her son to take a bath around 7 p.m. local time on the 23rd, but after 10 minutes, she found her son still playing hand-swimming, so asked him again, “Did you take a bath?” As a result, the son said “no” impatiently, and turned to the bathroom.

After that, Perugia angrily followed his son into the bathroom and questioned his attitude, but the son responded, “I hate you, you didn’t do anything for me.” “

Perugia was so angry when he heard that he threw a strong punch into his son’s face, causing his son to disengage in his jaw. Afterwards, the son called his father, told him to leave the house, and when the father arrived, he saw Perugia standing outside.

Perugia told him to “take your child away” and the son only told the father about the beating. Since the boy’s father did not have full custody, the boy was placed in his aunt’s house, and after the incident came to light, Perugia was also brought to justice by the police for child injury.

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