China’s first Tesla V3 charging pile open charging 5 minutes can run 120 kilometers

Today, Tesla built the first V3 super charging pile in Shanghai’s Jinqiao Super Charging Station and officially opened to the public, marking the official entry of the V3 Super Charging Pile into the Chinese market. The V3 Super Charging Pile has a significant improvement in charging efficiency compared to the previous generation of charging piles, ideally available for 5 minutes of charging, which can provide a range of 120 km for the vehicle.

China's first Tesla V3 charging pile open charging 5 minutes can run 120 kilometers

V3 Super Charging Pile Source: Tesla

It is reported that the V3 super charging pile with a new battery control strategy and electrical electronic components, can allow the battery to be charged with the maximum power it can afford. Its maximum charging power is 250Kw, which is twice as powerful as the V2 Super Charging Pile, which is currently widely used in the country (currently the V2 supercharged pile power is about 120Kw).

In the case of the Tesla Model 3 long-range model, for example, at peak power, the five-minute charge increases its range by about 120 kilometers, ideally reducing the average user’s charging time by about 50 percent.

And the new V3 super charging pile in order to cope with the high-power charging of the cable heat phenomenon, its use of liquid-cooled cable, making the charging harness lighter, more flexible, more user-friendly.

In addition, Tesla has introduced the On-Route Battery Warm up feature. When the Tesla model detects through the vehicle navigation that the owner is going to charge at the charging station. When it nearly reaches the charging point, Tesla starts the battery’s warm-up system on its own, allowing the battery pack to achieve optimal charging temperature. This feature alone will reduce the average charging time by 25%.

At present, Tesla’s super-charging network has covered more than 140 cities across the country, the number of super charging stations operating more than 300, gradually formed across the east and west, across the north and south of the dense charging network. And with the complete replacement of the V3 Super charging pile, Tesla owners will be more efficient and efficient to charge in the future.

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