Vivo 5G mobile phone appears in communication exhibition: cloud games and other 5G applications

Recently, the 2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition was held in Beijing, as a 5G sector of active manufacturers, vivo 5G mobile phones also appeared in the three operators booth, and showed cloud games and other 5G-based applications. Vivo’s iQOO Pro and NEX 3 5G handsets are the most popular 5G terminal models available. Since its launch, iQOO Pro has attracted tech enthusiasts with a strong configuration, while the NEX 3 has been favored by high-end users with a truly comprehensive waterfall design and all-round performance.

vivo 5G手机现身通信展 云游戏等5G应用亮相

In the exhibition site, vivo5G mobile phone relying on the advantages of network speed, showing a mature cloud game application. Cloud games do not need to install a large application locally in the terminal, but the effect of the game rendering through the network to the terminal, for the terminal hardware configuration is not too high demand at the same time, can still achieve a smooth experience.

vivo 5G手机现身通信展 云游戏等5G应用亮相

5G’s official commercial, is a new starting point, not only to change people’s lives, but also to promote the whole society and industry upgrading. On October 30, 2019, china’s information and communications industry development high-level forum, Vivo Communications Research Institute President Qin Fei said that the development of 5G can be divided into content upgrade, smart association and industry application three steps, with the growing maturity of 5G applications, gradually extended to the field of intellectual property, and extended to the industry application level. Relying on the reliability and stability of 5G, this will be the most promising development direction of 5G applications.

The launch of the 5G Business Package Policy will help to bring 5G applications to the users. As the head manufacturer of mobile phones, vivo will continue to bring consumers a better 5G network experience through mature, stable and highly priced 5G end products.

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