India launches scrap-for-dinner event: 1kg plastic for 1 meal

Recently, according to media reports, India’s Anbigpur Municipal Corporation set up a special restaurant, no matter what anyone, as long as the collection of a kilogram of garbage, can be exchanged for a hot meal. It is reported that the restaurant put up the slogan “more garbage, more food”, the purpose of the restaurant was to help people pay for the clean-up of plastic waste awareness. Whether you’re a waste picker, a student or an ordinary citizen, you can collect plastic waste in exchange for a meal.

India launches scrap-for-dinner event: 1kg plastic for 1 meal

Meals include lentil soup, potato broccoli, fried buns and rice, and the scavengers say the meal will keep him up for the whole day, and sitting at the table like everyone else’ to eat, giving a completely different feel.

According to the local mayor, the restaurant is visited by more than a dozen people a day, and even one person brings 7 kilograms of plastic at a time.

Because there is little effective waste management system in India, most Indian cities are plagued by large amounts of unsorted waste, and only 14,000 tonnes of the 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste produced every day are collected, according to India’s environment ministry.

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