The vacuum cleaner suddenly “stormed away” in the middle of the night the head of the household panicked and alarmed the results too embarrassing

Recently, according tomedia reports, the United States in Forsyth County, Georgia, the police received an emergency call in the middle of the night, a couple suspected that someone broke into their home, but the results were extremely embarrassing. It is reported that the police received a call at midnight, which is also the main time for burglary, the phone, the couple said to hear a loud noise on the first floor of their first floor, suspected that someone entered the room, so the police sent an emergency to the family.


The couple also immediately hid in the closet until the police arrived.

But when police entered the couple’s home, they were surprised to find that there were no bad guys – instead the couple’s vacuum cleaner was simply attached to the wall, banging back and forth in an attempt to “release yourself.”

It turned out that the vacuum cleaner the couple had just bought a few days earlier, suddenly started running on its own in the middle of the night for unknown reasons, and made a considerable noise, leading the couple to believe that someone was downstairs.

It’s an embarrassing end, but Thomas Milam, the head of the household, said in an interview: It’s definitely safer to apologize to the police than to regret it, and even if that happens next time I’ll still choose to call the police because you never know what’s making a noise.

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