Tesla: Chinese-made Model 3 to be delivered on 30th

Tesla reportedly said the Chinese-made Model 3 would begin delivering to employees on December 30. Tesla’s U.S. shares rose slightly before the session. Tesla will deliver the first 15 Chinese-made MODEL 3s on December 30, the sources said. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today announced the vehicle purchase tax exemption of new energy vehicle models catalog (29th batch), Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. production MODEL 3 is listed.

Tesla: Chinese-made Model 3 to be delivered on 30th

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Officials confirm domestic Tesla Model 3 coming soon

Over the Christmas period, Tesla, in addition to pushing a larger version of the V10 system for its owners, also announced on social media that the domestic Model 3 was about to be delivered.

The message was posted by Tesla China’s overseas social media accounts with the caption: “Soon the Chinese-made Model 3 will be delivered to the user, so stay tuned.” With a Model 3 interior map, a Christmas tree with the words “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” on the outside of the front windscreen ” (Happy Holidays), it seems that the rapid delivery of the home-made Model 3 is also a Christmas gift.

Editors have learned from Tesla’s official website that the delivery date for the domestic Tesla Model 3 is currently marked “Q1 2020” and that there is less than a week left until 2020, and that with Tesla’s Announcement in China, there is reason to speculate that the car is likely to be delivered by early January 2020.

Currently, Tesla is only producing the Model 3 standard battery-life upgrade in China, and large-volume models are already being shipped across the country. We know from Tesla officials that a number of direct stores have received the domestic Model 3 display car, consumers can visit these direct stores site. For the latest news on Tesla, keep an eye on the follow-up to The Home of the Car. (Car House)

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