Not only can get subsidies, Tesla’s home-made Model 3 is also exempt from the purchase tax

This afternoon, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published on its official website the 29th batch of new energy vehicle models exempt from vehicle purchase tax catalog, and we also found Tesla Shanghai’s domestic Model 3 model. This means that when the owner buys a domestic Model 3 model later, he or she can save a significant amount of vehicle purchase tax.

Not only can get subsidies, Tesla's home-made Model 3 is also exempt from the purchase tax

However, more exciting to the owners of the quasi-car, as early as December 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 326th batch of road motor vehicle production enterprises and product announcements, of which the domestic Model 3 model was selected in the 11th batch of 2019 “new energy vehicle promotion and application recommended model catalog”, that is, the domestic Tesla Model Model 3 will also enjoy the national new energy vehicle subsidy.

According to our previous report, the domestic Model 3 will receive 247.5 million yuan of new energy promotion model subsidies. Tesla’s domestic version of the model is currently priced at 355,800 yuan, and if the state subsidy is subtracted, the real price will be 331.05 million yuan (preliminary calculations are available, the final price will have to wait for Tesla’s official announcement).

And according to the current vehicle purchase tax payment provisions, the car purchase tax rate of 10%, the value-added tax rate of 13%, so the vehicle purchase tax is the transaction price of the bare car / (1 x 13% x 10%. Domestic Model 3 according to the subsidy after the opening fare of 331.05 million yuan to roughly estimate, then its purchase tax is 33.105 / (1 x 13%) x 10% x 29296.5 yuan.

For car owners, the pressure on car purchase funds has been further reduced. For Tesla, the model’s price competitiveness has been greatly enhanced.

Compared with Weilai, Weima and other domestic car-building new force models, the domestic Model 3 is also more and more price advantage. Predictably, with the official delivery of the domestic Model 3, it will pose a greater threat to domestic car-building companies.

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