Asus ProArt Q17 Designer Notebook Listed: 29999 Yuan

December 27 news, recently Asus ProArt Q17 designer notebook in Jd. The Asus ProArt Q17 designer notebook features a 17-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200, with a screen ratio of 84%, and is PANTONE color certified. The notebook is 18.4mm thick and features a 180-degree hinged design.

Asus ProArt Q17 Designer Notebook Listed: 29999 Yuan

In terms of performance, the ProArt Q17 designer notebook is powered by an Intel Xeon E-2276M processor, which is available in a 6-core 12-thread edg with a dynamic acceleration frequency of 4.7GHz. It also supports Intel vPro technology and support sits with EEC memory, which effectively enhances product stability, and supports more stable computing on laptops.

At the same time equipped with Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000 professional graphic display, built-in 64GB memory and 2TB PCIe SSD, users can specify two PCIe SSDs in raid 0 settings, in order to achieve ultra-fast data transfer speed, can greatly improve data reading/writing performance.

In terms of heat dissipation, the ProArt Q17 features a two-fan, five-heat tube and four-air vent heat template to ensure a slim body and low noise of 35 decibels while ensuring a stable release of performance.

On the interface side, the ProArt Q17 has a Thunderbolt 3 USB C interface, an HDMI interface, three USB 3.1 Gen 2 TypeA interfaces and an SD 4.0/UHS II reader.

Asus ProArt Q17 Designer Notebook Listed: 29999 Yuan

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