IOS 13.2 bug causes iPhone unable to lock Tesla car

Even the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is upgraded to the iOS 13.2 system, can also “crazyly” wipe out the background process, so much so that many applications can’t stay active in the background. This prevents some applications that rely on background services to function properly, such as Tesla. Tesla owners have reported that they can’t use their phones as keys to open the door after upgrading iOS 13.2.

[图]iOS 13.2杀进程过猛导致iPhone无法解锁特斯拉汽车

User Omar Shahine tweeted: “This explains why Tesla can’t unlock the car. The app needs to run in the background to take effect. “Of course, not only Tesla owners will be affected. Many home automation systems, such as electronic door locks, rely on the same function.

Social platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, and even Apple’s official support forums, are filled with complaints. Many people miss the “less tossy” iOS 12 more than the “feature” updates and bug fixes that iOS 13 brings. Someone wrote: “The reason I miss iOS 12 so much is that whenever I cut back to my previous app (Safari, Instagram or Facebook), the app doesn’t automatically refresh, at least I’m doing well on iPhone 7 Plus.”

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