AMD CES 2020 Activity OK: 7nm Ryzen APU, RX 5600 graphics card attack

In conjunction with Intel’s announcement of the CES 2020 event, AMD will also have a big show at next year’s CES, with a 45-minute launch party starting at 2 p.m. local time on January 6. Unsurprisingly, AMD is officially announcing the 7nm Zen2 architecture of the Ryzen APU “Renoa”.

This year AMD introduced the desktop version of the 7nm process Rylong 3000, the server version of epYC 7002 series processors, only Ryalong APU and mobile version did not upgrade, now the Rylong 3000 series APU or 12nm Zen plus architecture, performance and energy efficiency can not be compared with Intel’s nine generations, 10 generations Core, But win in super cheap, a lot of Ryzen ben did about 3000.

AMD CES 2020 Activity OK: 7nm Ryzen APU, RX 5600 graphics card attack

AMD released the 7nm Ryzen APU on the CES 2020, and according to previously leaked information, the “Renoa” APU will have four categories: 15W Ultra Low Power, 45W Notebook, 65W Desktop and 35W Desktop Energy Saving, sKUs up to 28 models.

One of the most concerned are two mobile versions, low power consumption has been determined to have Ryzen 7 4700U, 3DMark running points CPU performance is similar to Core i7-1065G7, compared to the previous Ryzen 7 3700U (4 core 2.3GHz), PCmark10 up 18%, Content generation performance has improved by about 40%.

AMD CES 2020 Activity OK: 7nm Ryzen APU, RX 5600 graphics card attack

In addition, for the standard version of the game version of The Rylong 7 4800H and Rylong 9 4900H, this year’s launch of the Ryalong 7 3800H series flash, but rylong 4800/4900H series is 8 core 16 thread, coupled with 7nm process to bring energy efficiency improvements, estimated 45W game processor has a good show.

In addition to the CPU processor, GPU graphics card in CES 2020 should also have a place, the biggest surprise should be the announcement of 7nm RDNA2 architecture, flagship performance and hardware light chase is very attractive, in the market of 5000 yuan to fight the old yellow RTX graphics card.

But AMD should not make a big move once glow, 7nm RDNA2 may remain in the mid-year release, this release GPU is more likely to be the RX 5600 series, using the castrated version of the Navi 10 core, to create a 1500-2000 yuan market for mid- and high-end graphics cards, after all, the GTX 1660 series this year is very fragrant, Can’t sit back and watch it?

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