“Radiation 76” a fraudster steals hundreds of items from players

According tomedia reports, Bethesda’s multiplayer game “Radiation 76” has gone through numerous leaks since its launch. But instead of cutting back on losses and declaring it a failure, the company continued to work hard to keep it afloat. While most of the leaks about the game come from developers, the most recent leak comes from a scammer.

Last weekend, a “Radiation 76” player stole hundreds of items from the game. A video shows him apparently using a hacker technology that was recently posted on the Un’available Website. The technology is understood to allow users to steal inventory items.

In response, Bethesda said it had patched the vulnerability, but a large number of players had stolen items. One user told Kotaku that he had stolen a full range of Power Armor, Samsung Legend Scout Armour and Sheepchurchmascot head, which were not easy to buy and required a lot of time for players to get.

On Sunday, shortly after the theft, people began complaining about the incident on Reddit’s Radiation 76 section. Bethesda quickly dropped the game on Monday while fixing the problem. In addition, it indicated that it would seek to find a way to compensate those affected. It was not immediately clear what the details of its compensation plan would be.

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