Spotify to suspend U.S. political advertising next year

Spotify will suspend its political advertising business in the U.S. early next year,media reported. Spotify is the world’s leading streaming music service by subscribers, but its biggest audience is those who listen to ads for free – 141 million people a month worldwide.

Spotify to suspend U.S. political advertising next year


Political advertising has been a flashpoint for technology companies such as Facebook and Google, especially in the run-up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Facebook has been criticized for continuing to run political ads. Earlier this month, Twitter made headlines for taking a counter-measure and banning political advertising.

Like many of these media companies, Spotify’s goal is advertising. But unlike companies like Facebook, Spotify doesn’t seem to be targeting ads. Facebook can take advantage of a large amount of private data from its users and then highly target some ads. But according to the documents, Spotify relies on a “user statistics pool” to target ads; it can target ads based on attributes such as age, gender, playlist selection and other signals.

Spotify confirmed the news of the suspension of political advertising. “We will re-evaluate this decision while continuing to develop our (business) capabilities.” “

The U.S. is the only country where Spotify is running political ads, not only for audio, video and display ads, but also for original, exclusive Spotify podcasts like Joe Budden Podcast and Amy Schumer Nows.

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