Vivo has applied for a variety of “four-hole punching screen” smart phone design patents

In order to increase the proportion of smartphone screens, many manufacturers have adopted electric lift, flip, notch screen and other designs to embed the front camera and other sensor components, but unfortunately in the visual effect is not perfect. The best solution now is to design several symmetrical openings at the corners of the screen before making a breakthrough in under-screen front-facing camera technology that does not require punching. Interestingly, a design patent recently released by the State Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) reveals three new designs for Vivo.

(Instagram via GSM Arena)

This “four-eye punching-hole screen” design not only accommodates multiple front-facing cameras, but can also be used for light, proximity and other sensor components. The first design places an opening in each of the four corners of the screen, reminiscent of the Amazon Fire Phone.

The other two versions have two openings on each side of the top of the screen, but there is a significant difference in size of the hole. The two small openings are independent, but the large openings appear to be connected together, perhaps for the purpose of holding two larger camera sensors.

In another illustration, the vivo also shows the back design of the phone. It shows four vertical openings, leaving room for three or four lenses, perhaps reserved for the flash.

It should be pointed out that even if manufacturers apply for certain patents, it is not likely that the relevant products will be introduced to the market soon, especially in front of the multi-camera program there is no popularity of the moment.

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