Akira MD game prototype lost for years now on Youtube

The concept-forward animated film Akira developed an ambitious Sega MD platform video game in 1993, but the project never came to an end. Today, the game prototype of that year finally appeared on the network. Youtube host Hidden Palace has released an hour-long video of the game, documenting the entire process of the Akira prototype.

Akira MD game prototype lost for years now on Youtube

Developed by Black Pearl Software, the project was launched in late 1993 and originally scheduled for sale in 1995, a game that is a faithful restoration of key scenes in the Akira animated film.

There are many types of play, including first-person shooting, motorcycle racing, platform jumping, cross-section already, and so on. The work was originally unveiled at the Summer Electronic Spending Show (SCES 94) in 1994, but the full contents of the prototype are now the first public.

From the video can be seen, the scene details are very rich, the animation and play itself are the original animation film has been more faithful to restore, but by today’s standards, it is clear that some scenes will appear a bit of a ghost, difficult to operate. But if 1995 goes on sale as scheduled, there should be many people who like it.

Strictly speaking, this Akira is in a state that is not yet complete: none of the levels in the game have a true sense of “clearance” and players can press the Start button to enter the level selection interface at any time. The first pass is motorcycle racing, but there is always only one player on the screen, no enemies. The second pass can easily cause the game to crash. The fifth pass causes the game to stall when it is loaded. In addition, there are many sound footage in the game documentation that is not actually used.

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