Restrictions make gold rice difficult to popularize

A team of scientists has revealed that the Cartagena biosecurity protocol has prevented the GM crop from being approved and could have helped save millions of lives. Gold rice produces beta-carotene, providing a new source of vitamin A for the rice population.

Vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness in children and impaired immune systems. It was developed 20 years ago, but in most countries it failed to obtain a planting permit.


Vitamin A deficiency kills more children than AIDS tuberculosis and malaria, killing about 2,000 people every day. Green and Equality actively blocked the approval of gold rice as a hoax, but the researchers point out that Greenpeace has failed to really hinder the progress of gold rice.

The reason for the difficulty of obtaining approval of gold rice is a preventive clause in the Cartagena biosecurity agreement, which states that if a modern biological product may pose a risk to the human body or the environment, measures can be taken to limit or prevent its introduction. The golden rice is thus shrouded in the shadow of the presumption of guilt.

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