How many eggs can I eat every day? Listen to scientific cholesterol dietary advice

Cholesterol is well known for its cardiovascular harm, but in order to prevent cardiovascular disease, the degree of cholesterol control in three meals a day is not without controversy. For example, eating a few eggs a day, egg yolks to eat, there is always no shortage of discussion, a lot of diet science research is also trying to answer.

To answer the confusion in diet and to objectively explore the controversies in scientific research, the American Heart Association (AHA) recently published scientific recommendations on dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. (Anxious readers can fast-forward to the end of the text to see the conclusion)

How many eggs can I eat every day? Listen to scientific cholesterol dietary advice

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How much higher is blood fat after eating high-cholesterol foods?

In addition to dietary sources, the body itself synthesizes cholesterol, a common ingredient in cell membranes, steroids, bile acids and signaling molecules. However, eating too much foods such as whole-fat dairy products, red meat and processed meat can lead to a build-up of cholesterol in the blood, which can lead to atherosclerosis over time, a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. But how much cholesterol in food is appropriate, eating more blood cholesterol will rise, it is difficult to come up with specific figures.

The AHA Expert Group system reviewed key human studies in this area and found that the design of the studies varied, the results varied, and that most observational studies collected food data based on questionnaires, more or less affecting accuracy. Further meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials found that the more you eat, the higher your ldL cholesterol levels when your dietary cholesterol intake exceeds the normal range. But these rigorous dietary tests are generally small due to difficulty and high costs, and researchers have difficulty adequately comparing the effects of ingredients such as “good” cholesterol in the blood.

How many eggs can I eat every day? Listen to scientific cholesterol dietary advice

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How to eat, first look at a few core recommendations

Overall, the higher the cholesterol intake, the higher the LDL lipoprotein cholesterol level, and the cholesterol-containing foods are usually rich in saturated fat, which is also detrimental to LDL cholesterol levels. The core recommendations of the AHA Expert Group on principle include:

A heart-healthy diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish, legumes, vegetable oils and nuts, while limiting salt, red and processed meats, refined carbohydrates and added sugars. The relatively low cholesterol in the diet helps keep LDL lipoprotein cholesterol levels at healthy levels.

To reduce the risk of heart disease and control cholesterol diet levels, the focus should be on increasing the intake of polyunsaturated fats (corn, rapeseed oil or soy oil) and reducing saturated fat intake (common in animal products).

Given that a wide variety of foods also make up our diet, it is often difficult to accurately estimate cholesterol intake, so current scientific studies do not support specific numerical limits for cholesterol. But eating less cholesterol and foods high in saturated fat is still a good habit.

How many eggs can I eat every day? Listen to scientific cholesterol dietary advice

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Eggs and dairy products of public concern

This scientific advice also provides a reference for foods such as eggs and dairy products that people struggle with every day:

Overall, there was no significant correlation between egg intake and cardiovascular disease risk in the study reviewed by the group. But given the high level of egg yolk cholesterol, healthy people are still advised to eat up to one full egg a day, or cholesterol-equivalent foods, such as about 85g of shrimp.

Shrimps or shellfish can be paired with lean meat or plant-derived proteins.

How many eggs can I eat every day? Listen to scientific cholesterol dietary advice

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Special crowd notes:

To the extent that the recommendations are in line with the recommendations, vegetarians can appropriately increase the amount of dairy and egg in the diet.

Patients with abnormal blood lipids, especially those at risk of diabetes or heart failure, should be careful to eat cholesterol-rich foods.

For older people with normal cholesterol levels, taking into account the nutritional benefits and convenience of eggs, in the overall diet is good for the heart, the premise that you can eat up to 2 eggs a day.

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