Ali Releases Q2 Financial Report for FY2020: Total Revenue of RMB119.02 billion YoY

On the evening of November 1, Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) reported its second-quarter results for fiscal 2020. Alibaba’s total revenue for the quarter was Rmb119.02bn, according to the company, and the market forecast was Rmb116.69bn, up 40 per cent year-on-year. Adjusted EBITDA was RMB37.1 billion, up 39% Yoy

In terms of operating data, the annual active user base reached 693 million, an increase of 19 million from the previous quarter, while the mobile monthly activity in China’s retail market was 785 million, an increase of 30 million from the previous quarter.

As of the time of the results, Alibaba’s shares were trading at $176.67, giving it a market capitalization of $459.973 billion.

阿里发布2020财年Q2财报:总营收1190.2亿元 同比增长40%

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